My Story


It all started when…

 I was just a child, I always felt different almost like I didn't belong here, and those feelings only intensified after I suffered from a spinal cord injury back in 2007 that left me partial paralyzed from the waste down and in a wheelchair. But through it all, I always found solitude in writing, and through songwriting I could express myself through art. In 2013 I created the "Equal Opportunity Projext" and then in 2015 I created an underground classic called "Philosopher Stoned". It was a tell about my philosophies and ideologies while under the influence. During that time I was battling depression, anxiety, and trust issues from past trauma. 


Then one day during a trip to Florida on the eve of my eight year injury anniversary, I had a spiritual awakening at Hollywood beach. It was so intense I questioned reality for a minute especially after I discovered that there was once a legend about a real Philosopher's Stone. That revelation gave me the inspiration and the power I needed to create my first master piece called "Spirituality", a tell of the spiritual warfare within between Sky Hii (the spirit) and Skky.Evil (the ego). It also details my spiritual beliefs, philosophies, and experiences since I've entered the spiritual realm. My last piece to the story will be called "Hiigher Religion".